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Wake up with a stiff neck after a day of gardening?  Shoulder aching from playing catch with the kids? Have pain in your knee that just won’t go away?  We can help!  Physical therapists specialize in treating these types of injuries and conditions that come with living life.
In Georgia, you can make an appointment with a Doctor of Physical Therapy without a referral from your primary care physician or a specialist. This can save you time and money while allowing early access to a highly qualified health care provider who specializes in treating orthopedic conditions. Studies have shown that patients who seek treatment from a physical therapist first can return to normal faster. You can save time and money often avoiding the need for expensive diagnostic testing.

Most non-Medicare insurance plans pay for this service.  Our customer service staff can assist you with determining your insurance coverage. If your plan requires a referral or if you would prefer to pay for treatment on your own, we also have cash pay options available.

Physical Therapy Practice Act in 2015. (Read the full report). 

To make an appointment with one of our doctors of physical therapy without a doctor's referral, please call 770.506.6993.